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Transcend Hologram Rentals and Union Station Light Up the Holidays with Stunning Hologram Activation

Updated: Feb 27

Hologram Activation  | Hologram Rental
Hologram Activation | Hologram Rental

This past December, Transcend Media transformed Union Station's Holiday Reflections: Home for the Holidays event with hologram rentals, bringing the magic of the season to life. Attendees experienced a truly unforgettable celebration, where beloved figures like Santa Claus and Donna Kelce materialized in mesmerizing holographic displays.

Transcend's innovative hologram rental technology delivered an immersive and unforgettable experience this holiday season. Families delighted in interacting with lifelike holographic messages from a star-studded lineup, including Randi Mahomes, Donna Kelce, Chief's legend Dante Hall, Mayor Quinton Lucas, and Netflix TV host Emily the Space Gal. This unique experience brought joy and a touch of magic to the season.

Imagine strolling through Union Station, dazzled by the twinkling lights and festive décor. As you weave through the crowd, a mesmerizing sight catches your eye: a life-sized Santa Claus, rendered in stunning holographic detail, shares heartwarming messages directly with visitors. Nearby, Donna Kelce, a cherished member of the Kansas City community, materializes in a separate hologram, radiating holiday cheer and delivering personalized greetings with a touch of magic. This captivating scene, made possible with hologram rental, promises to transform your holiday experience into an unforgettable moment.

The magic unfolded as soon as you stepped into Union Station's holiday spectacle! Dazzling lights, captivating decorations, and a warm, festive spirit set the scene. But the magic didn't stop there! With Transcend's cutting-edge hologram rentals, visitors could interact with a variety of beloved characters, creating cherished memories for the whole family. Whether you're a longtime fan of Union Station's holiday traditions or discovering them for the first time, this year's event was truly magical.

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